• Lucky Productions is the collaborative effort of Therese and Danielle, two filmmakers, friends and artists who love what they do. Lucky Productions has a fresh outlook on wedding cinema and is a small company that approaches each client as an individual documentary film project. This ensures that your wedding video will be uniquely yours, infused with your distinct personalities.

    Danielle and Therese have been working both independently and together in the event film business for years and have a combined total of over 15 years experience. It is Lucky Productions mission to bring an artistic and documentary feel to wedding films.

Carol & Tom – A Wedding Film

Tanaya + Greg

Back to the beginning with Tanaya and Greg….

The theme of Tanaya and Greg’s wedding was all about returning back to the beginning with one another. This couple had a long distance relationship for 6 years after they met in New York. They were determined to be together, despite all odds, and finally have come full circle back to New York to be together. The excitement of this could be felt throughout the entire wedding weekend! But what was even a more touching aspect to this day, was the strong bond between both families , whose relationships with each other are full of so much love and respect that one can hardly determine where one family ends and the other begins. In fact, Tanaya and Greg had only their 3 siblings in the wedding party and the unity of the family as a whole was a beautiful testament to what it really means to have a loving and supportive family in one’s life. Tanaya and Greg truly had an unforgettable wedding and we were honored to be a part of it.

Laura + Domenic

Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity! That’s what Domenic always said about his lucky streak in life. Laura was also donned “Lucky Laura” by her family for her similar good luck in life.  So what happened when lucky Laura met lucky Domenic as they both waited for an elevator one rainy day?  Some pretty lucky things…

Melissa and Matt

A Pancake and Star Wars Saga

What can I say? Thérése and I truly enjoy meeting every single one of our couples and think that they each have a unique story to tell. The moment we met Melissa and Matt we loved their kind energy and gentle spirits.  We were also pretty psyched when they told us about their entrance at the reception. We try to make everyone’s film fit their unique style. We definitely feel that this highlight is unlike any other, but perfectly portrays the adorable geekiness that is Melissa and Matt.  Enjoy!

Sarah + Justin

3 Generations of Love at the Shore…

Justin’s parents and grandparents both met on the shores of LBI so it was only fitting that LBI is where he met the beautiful Sarah. We had an amazing day with this couple and are happy to share their wedding film. Enjoy!

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